The Riz Test...

Was launched by a team of two film buffs from academic and tech backgrounds. Just like most Muslims we're tired of seeing the same old stereotypes and Islamophobic tropes being played out in Films and TV Shows.

Taking cues from the Bechdel Test and inspiration from Riz Ahmed's 2017 speech on diversity, we decided to create a set of criteria to measure how Muslims are portrayed on Film and TV.

By doing so we hope that we can start a conversation, to raise awareness and to affect change.

The test is defined as:

If the Film/ TV Show stars at least one character who is identifiably Muslim (by ethnicity, language or clothing) - is the character:

  1. Talking about, the victim of, or the perpetrator of terrorism?

  2. Presented as irrationally angry?

  3. Presented as superstitious, culturally backwards or anti-modern?

  4. Presented as a thread to a Western way of life?

  5. If the character is male, is he presented as misogynistic? Or if female, is she presented as oppressed by her male counterparts?

If the answer for any of the above is Yes, then the Film/ TV Show fails the test.

We want the Riz Test to be an open, crowd sourced project where anyone can submit a review, be it a fail or pass - or a long form analysis. 

We're still in early stages but if you would like to contribute a review, an in depth analysis or would like to know more, please get in touch on hello@riztest.com


Team #RizTest